Thursday, November 14, 2013

AYCE Sushi: Asahi Sushi, Riverside, CA

One should prepare his or herself mentally and physically before having an all you can eat meal, especially dealing with sushi.  Luckily, I did both.  After word of mouth from my friends, I was finally able to try Asahi Sushi in Riverside.  I think I deserved the meal since I hiked earlier in the day (see blog post here).

Located in a business plaza,  I thought Asahi Sushi would have a larger venue due to its popular.  It is a little small and has a few tables outside for seating.  We arrived around the tail-end of lunch hour but it did not past 30 minutes for us to be seated.  Lunch on a weekend was only $17.95 and I thought this was incredibly reasonable.  The set-up was simple, we had three rounds to choose as many sushi and appetizer dishes as we want.  A note to consider, I do not remember all the names of the rolls I ate, although the majority of them were delicious.

One of the appetizers we ordered were their baked mussels.  They were baked well and provided a rich and creamy onslaught to my taste buds. I did not dwell too much on the rich part of the mussel since it would only increase my food coma.  

I actually remember this roll since we ordered it twice.  It was the Super Mexican roll, a crunchy shrimp roll topped with avocado and their sauce.  This was probably one of the best rolls I ate at Asahi.  When the first round of rolls came out, I noticed they were a little smaller than other places, which is a positive aspect because then customers would not be overstuffed on the first round. 

Ahh, the sushi rolls.  We ordered a plethora of them and all of them tasted fresh. My favorite part of these rolls were the rice to fish ratio.  This place had more fish that it actually covered the little clump of rice.  To me, this indicates that they are generous in their portions.  

Another roll I remembered! This was the Jenn Jenn roll.  This consists of spicy crab rolled in salmon equally utter sushi perfection.  

Despite the hustle and bustle of this place, the service was excellent.  The wait staff was attentive in catering to our needs.  There was a modest wait time between our sushi orders so we could recover from the previous rolls.  They even asked us if we wanted to split the check to avoid the headache of counting all our money or writing down card numbers.  I enjoyed my time here and would definitely come back after I recover from my food coma.  Thank you for reading!

Sushi Asahi
2955 Van Buren Blvd.
Ste. D-2
Riverside, CA 92503

Business Hours: Mon-Sun: 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m.

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